Thursday, April 17, 2008


My husband would tell you that I think I'm famous for all 3 of my comments left on here, but I would like to thank those of you who have welcomed me to the blog world already. I had no doubt that people would be friendly, and you have met (and exceeded) my expectations! Thank you, again, and I continue to look forward to some new found friendships!


restyled home said...

Thank you so much for the kind comment that you left me recently. Like you, I just had a great time going through all of your posts and, uhmm, can I say you are VERY talented decorator? In fact, I now want to make a first aid case like yours! I am frantically searching my house now for a lunch box that I know I have and could use for the project. Would you mind if I used the picture of yours on my blog soon? As soon as I get mine made, I will post on it and show everybody the source (you!) of the idea.

Let me know...

Kris said...

You popular girl you! It's exciting to come on your blog to see that people have posted, I know I felt the same way. (I'm up to 6 - lol!) And you have a name for your blog, I've been blogging for 4 months now and have yet to come up with something cute for that.

Terri said...

Hi Chris!

Nice to meet you and I enjoyed scrolling through your posts! You have a lovely home and I have to laugh at your addiction to labels and crafty bits. I love all those little things too (is it normal for a 38 year old engineer to still adore stickers???!!) but never seem to take the time to make anything. Well, I did make cool banners at Christmas but just never seem to have/make the time for those things. I made ONE scrapbook and it cost me about $8000 and 6 months. Ok, I'm exagerating but you get the picture!

Welcome to blog land. Please come and visit again! I am rather a lazy blogger and only post about once a week these days but wish I had more time to compile better posts as I LOVE decorating and talking about it and NONE of my friends or family are really into it. So this is a marvellous, creative community to be a part of!

Most of all - have FUN!

Terri xo

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