Saturday, May 17, 2008

Shame on Me

Granted, I don't have a lot of readers. Granted, I would love to have more. Granted, I'm not going to do that by going four days without a new post. I assure you of this--I have been busy. Can't you tell?

Shelving units have been purchased, adorable baskets and bins are ready to be used, and my husband (aka-the builder) has been gone every day this week. So, the process is slow moving. I may tackle one of the shelving units today on my own. If so, I'll have MUCH more interesting pictures for you later. Until then, revel in my chaotic garage. garage did NOT look like this originally. This is after I started attacking it! :)


Kimba said...

It always looks worse before it gets better. My garage looks alot like that right now and I'm not even working on it. We were planning to do a flea market today so I've been accumulating all the things that I want to sell in the garage and parking in the driveway.

It rained today so no flea market. Now I've got to live with all that stuff in my garage for another week.

Marie said...

I am too ashamed to show pictures of my garage. It's a two car garage that is too SHORT to fit one car into... so it's cluttered with stuff instead. Oh, it's awful. Shame on ME.

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