Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fairy Blogmother, indeed!

I have been amazed by some of the blog designs out there, so I knew I needed someone good to help make that happen for me. Boy did my fairy blogmother come through for me!! Since I could NEVER decorate like this in my house, I picked out the prettiest, girliest, frilliest kit I could find. My blogmother was so patient with my ignorance, and she kept tweaking it so I could have it exactly the way I liked it! If you're looking into a new blog design, RUN over to Peek-a-Boo and get yours done. Thank you, Fairy blogmother!!


Krystyn said...

Beautiful! Very princess-y!

Stephanie said...

I just love the girly-ness of it all!

Mommy said...

Why thank you very much. I love it too and I am sooooo glad that you do too. I'll stop by again soon.

your fairy blogmother
AKA Mommy
AKA (you know my real name) :-)

Mama's Losin' It said...'s very lovely!!! Doesn't it make you just perk right you have a really professional looking little site now!!

Thanks for the nice comments on my blg. I know what you mean about friends hyping something up. I tell my friends that I have an unusually high standard for humor and don't laugh at just any old thing. :) They just roll their eyes and continue to hype things up. I definitely DON'T want to be over hyped and disapoint people!! So I'm glad you liked your visit!


Barbara said...

Oh Chris, I love your new blog design. You know how I love fairies..... and the colors! Plus the journals are really a good idea. You did it so nice. Bet you are counting the hours before departure.


Shannon said...

Oh I love it! She does such good work!

Kimba said...

Your new blog is beautiful!!! Very feminine and pretty. Just perfect.

She really does great work.

Shelley said...

Just found you through tip junkie. You are adorable and I love all your great ideas. I'll definitely be back!

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