Thursday, June 5, 2008

One. More. Day.

This is it, folks. Last day of school tomorrow. I have one more alarm to hear, seven more snooze buttons to push, fifty more exams to grade, and only 754 more freshman to hear screaming in the hallway. I see the light.

Unfortunately, the end of the year also means more work for me. Tonight I spent hours traveling around town for my kids' teacher gifts. Thanks to my daughter's massive meltdown the other day, this did not get done sooner. What kind of meltdown, you ask? Let's just say as I carried her out of the store and she screamed, "Put Me Down" over and over, I was pretty sure someone was going to call the police. My muscles are tightening at the thought--I need to move on. son is having a beach party on his last day of school. BEACH PARTY? Must be nice. That gave me an idea to run with the beach theme and get my sons' teacher this:

Because it stressed me out trying to figure out what to do for an elementary teacher, I decided to get my daughter's teacher this:

Real original, huh? I was working under a deadline here! I don't know why I didn't take pictures of the items out of the bucket, but here's how it's broken down.

$1.00 Bucket-Michaels

$1.27 Water bottle-Michaels

$2.50 flip flops-Hobby Lobby (love those 1/2 off sales)

$1.00 Sunscreen-Target

$1.00 Lemon tea water bottle packets-Target

$2.50 Beach towel-Target (dollar-ish section)

$3.99 Magazine-Target

Grand Total: $13.26! Not bad, you thrifty little shopper, you. Both teachers have kids, so I figure the bucket will get used. Who doesn't wear flip-flops and drink water? Hellloooo? People Magazine! That's my argument.
My daughter has another teacher who helps in the room quite a bit, so I got her this:

I originally wanted to get her a gift card for a movie, but then I saw the movie popcorn container for (again) $1.00 at Target. I said to myself, "Self? How cute would that be to give as a gift?" Sooooo...she gets the gift card, some candy, popcorn, AND a cute container to eat the popcorn out of--all while remembering how ingenious her student's mom is.


Kristen said...

Those turned out really well! I HATE coming up with teacher gifts, and we are just ending preschool here. I think she is getting a local bakery/lunch place gift card. The thought of running all over town for this woman (that I PAY tuition to every month) irks me.

It will be a whole different story once the kids re in public school - I won't be dreading it as much with the $$ factor gone.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Those are great gifts!

I never get gifts from my kiddos!

Marie said...

The student's mom IS ingenious! I love that gift idea.

Happy last day of school! Do you leave for vacation soon?

Caren said...

Really, really clever. As a former teacher, I can say those would have been gifts I really appreciated. Nice work! Enjoy your last day of school.

Stephanie said...

What creative gifts! I am sure the teachers will appreciate them - I know I would if someone gave me that stuff! How fun!
Love the movie night one too. Very creative!
Happy Summer!!

Biteofpunkinpie said...

doing little buckets like that is GREAT! we did one similar to your movie one for our daycare lady.

thanks for sharing the beachy/magazine theme, though, i will DEFINITELY have to keep that in mind... I have a friend whose birthday is in August and that will be perfect!

John Deere Mom said...

Yay for the last day of school and I am TOTALLY jealous of those teacher gifts!

The Gerster Family said...

SUPER cute gifts. Way creative. I totally would have stuck with just the gift card...and then probably a gift card to Target for the others

Elizabeth said...

Those are absolutely adorable! Good job!

Thanks for visiting and getting in on the giveaway.

Barbara said...

Hurray! your done with school. Remember, don't turn on the alarm Sunday night. Loved all your teacher gift ideas. Your are an imcredible mom. You have the greatest crafty mind. I am so proud of you. Your vacation is 5 days away. Boy, are you going to be busy this week, packing and planning. You are all going to have a great time.

Have a great summer...

Joy said...

Wow! I think that you should win a prize for the best gift giver! Are you that creative with all your gifts? If so, I want to know where I can sign up to get a gift from you (hee!hee!)
Those gifts are thoughtful, creative, unique and fun!

Tip Junkie said...

Those are all practical and useful. I love it!

Marilyn said...

OH MY!! You have an awesome site! I absolutely love the layout of your site, and the humo sprinkled through your blog is refreshing! I found you through Tip Junkie - congrats on being featured! You are awesome - love your teacher gift ideas!!

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