Thursday, July 3, 2008

Power Outage 2008

I've been away, and I'm sure it's bothered me more than it's bothered you. However, I do have some beautiful pictures to show you. My power has been out for two days, so I had (wanted) to drive two hours to my parent's house. Our 4th of July party plans had to be cancelled anyway, so why not go home and let mom pamper me for a couple of days?

I must prepare you for the pictures you are about to see. THIS is what I grew up with, and THIS is the expectation I have for my flowers. Needless to say, I fail miserably. My mom knows what she's doing with flowers, and I am just showing you a sampling of what she put in her containers this year. Every year it's different, and every year it's gorgeous.

Me: What in the world is that purple thing sticking up in that planter?
Mom: Huh...I don't even know. I just stuck it in there, and it did great didn't it?
Me: Of course.
What I love about my mom's eye for all things beautiful is that everywhere you look, you find some little trinket or ceramic creature among the flowers. She inspired me to buy a little frog today. It will never look as cute as her's, but it's worth the try right?Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour. I think she enjoyed the photographic attention today, so make sure to say nice things for her! Who am I kidding, I know you will.

I'll be back tomorrow--even if it is a holiday--to catch up for being gone. Happy 4th!


Marilyn said...

Well I for one was wondering what you were up to!! I'm sorry to hear about your power outage, but my - what amazing pictures of your mom's flowers!! Please tell her she can come and give me some advice for my poor dying yard here in Texas!! LOL!! Hope you have a great 4th - I'll see ya around - hey - what did you decide to do about the pillows?

Caren said...

Beautiful! Your mom doesn't just have a green thumb, she has a green hand! Go Mom! Thanks for sharing her beautiful flowers with us, it gives me something to work towards. Have a great 4th!

Amy Jo said...

Beautiful!! I wish I was that good with flowers, but I'm not, so i love to enjoy other peoples!

Marie said...

BUMMER on the power outage! Isn't it nice to go home to Mom's though? I know I love a little vacation to my parents house! (for the food alone!)

Your mom's flowers are gorgeous. My mother seems to have the same green thumb yours does. I didn't get that genetic trait. lol

Nancy Hood said...

I have to grow 'silk flowers' at our house :)

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