Saturday, January 24, 2009

Contact Me!

Ever feel the profound need to e-mail a complete stranger and ask if you can be best friends forever?  Uhhh…yeah.  Me neither.  However, if you do, please feel free to contact me! 


Can I make a suggestion/plea/beg for mercy/down-on-my-knees proposition?

In an effort to save time, I check all my comments via my e-mail. Unfortunately, many comments leave me with that “no reply blogger blah, blah, blah” stuff.  UGH!  I can’t get back with you that way!  Here’s what you can do!


1.  Go to your blog and click on “customize”

2.  Click on “dashboard” in the upper right hand corner.

3.  Next to your profile picture, click on “Edit profile”

4.  Under privacy, click “show my e-mail”  Under identity, make sure the public e-mail address you use is there.

5.  Save

Now I can reply to your comments much easier and much more efficiently!  Thanks!


Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Chris,
I was just looking through your new blog. I love this new layout!!!!!!. I've been reading all through it.
I have an idea. Sometimes when I go to "customize" it makes me sign in. UGH! Well, I saw on another blog that if you click the orange "B"(blogger symbol) all the way to the left of that same line, it takes you straight to dashboard. I've never had to sing in for months!
And, another thing... you turned my blog into a real blog the day you featured me.
You don't know how much that means to me. I sincerely thank you so much. Before that day, I had no idea what being "featured" meant.

Embrace31 said...

I wanted to just stop by and say that I TRULY enjoy reading your blog. Reading your blog is like chatting with my BFF! You love what I love and are so funny. You're a great encourager and very uplifting! Thank you for taking the time to blog. It is a def highlight of my day...reading your blog I mean.
Keep 'em coming!
Oh and YES YES YES why not make a little on the side and bless others in the process with advertising!

Natasha said...

Can you tell me what your color brand/style your kitchen countertops are made from. I am in the midst of a kitchen redo and desperately need some guidance.

alely lee said...

Hi! Love your blog and your idea for posting your mailbox on your contact page. I finally got a new look to my blog and wanted to do the same thing for my contact page. As they say "Copying is a form of flattery". Your blog is delightful!

chris said...

Did you ever post a site to find the tree silhouette that you painted on the wall? Would love to find that!

Kimmy said...

Hello Chris, I was the recipient of the Beautiful Blogger Award (on Oscar night-imagine that!) and as the rules state you must bestow it upon 7 other bloggers of your choice. You were one of the bloggers I chose! I love your energy and constant rejuvenating spirit, especially where used furniture is concerned! :-) So if you have time simply visit and claim your award, cheers Chris!

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

ooo & ahhh everything is so inspiring...Love it all especially your daughters room..great job..
barb @

Kimmy said...

Hello Chris,
About your advertising, do you also allow advertising for blogs?
Thank you for your time, have a great one, cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! Love your blog and neat ideas. I am a 'regular' reader but am vacaying in Rome this week and had an opportunity to jump on the internet (for free) (everything costs A LOT here) and had to get my weekly JAG fix. Thanks for your blog. I know it's a labor of love!
Ciao from Rome~ Barbara

abagail silver said...
I've been reading your blog for awhile now and this is the first time I've commented. I would love to own a Silohuette machine. It would make all my homemade crafts a little more special. I love to work with paper, stencils, and painting, so I could save a lot of time. Thanks for this giveaway.

Lorna said...

Love, Love, Love your blog and your creativity! On the furniture you painted, specifically the buffet and barstools, what color was the paint? I would think it was just plain ole' black but, the can shows a base color.
You have inspired me to paint my entertainment center and table.
Thanks for your honesty and fun approach to your beautiful ideas!
Lorna DeLoach

Anonymous said...

Hi there. You have an amazing blog. Just wondering if you think that Benjamin Moore paint would work on kitchen cabinets? I really don't want to pay someone to spray them but I would love them to look that way. Any ideas?!

thanks so much!


Maria Carriger, Oklahoma City, OK said...

Nice Blog, I like reading your stories and your creations/ideas are wonderful.

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