Friday, July 31, 2009

Feature Friday!

Well, last week’s computer failure has put me behind on my features.  What a bummer.  Please don’t fret if you aren’t featured this week.  If I do too many at one time, I worry that each of you won’t get your deserved exposure.  And believe me…you deserve your exposure!

Vanessa at V and Co. could be my new best friend.  Everything she touches turns to gold, and I find myself drooling over it all.  Take a look at this transformation!  Wait ‘til you see the before!


A cloche and a bird.  Nuff said, right?  Droooool.  Please go see her.  She has more transformations—including one in which I forced her encouraged her to keep the table the color it was.  She’s thinking about changing it, but I’m pretty sure I scared her convinced her into keeping it.


Misty over at The Queen of my House (aren’t we all?) does it all!  She’s been painting her house like a mad fool, and it is paying off!  Take a look at her gorgeous painting skills and her new kitchen floor!  You should see the before!


If you know me at all, you know I loves myself some good organization!  I just stopped and stared at every little detail of this revamped basement.  I even blew up the pictures to look at all the little cubbies.  Did I say that out loud?  Well, she worked hard on it, so she deserves the stalkerism.


Dianne at Red House Happenings… I don’t even know where to begin.  It’s a good thing we don’t live near each other, ‘cause I would totally take advantage of all her mad sewing skills.  She’d get tired of it, I’d ignore her pleas to be a better friend…it wouldn’t end well.

Check. out. this chair.

random 048

Nail. Head. Trim.  Go see the before.  She’s good.

random 049

What’s even more obnoxious is that it runs in the family.  Look at the doghouse that her dad built.  For his dog.  Because he likes him.


Could you imagine me building a house for him?  Right.  As soon as pigs fly.


Please go visit these wonderful ladies!  I’ve got some more for next week that’ll knock your socks off.  Okay.  So I say that about everybody.  There’s just so many talented bloggers out there!  Enjoy and leave comments for them!! :)


Tausha said...

Love love love that you do this. I love meeting new friends, espesically creative ones. What would I do without blogging?
I want you to know that I have that much spray paint. No, it's not weird or abnormal. It just means that we are super cool!!
I would love to be featured one day. Think of me :)
PS-I will be posting this heck of a deal that I got this week at the thrift. LEts just say it has made my life better. Even my husband was impressed with my find. Now you are inrigued huh?

jociegal said...

Great stuff! I LOVE that chair. Oh the places I could put that chair.

V and Co. said...

haha! yeah you and a bazillion other women would have my head on a platter if i re-do that side table! no worries it will stay aqua for sure! thanks for the feature! pretty sure we'd be best friends too! ;) love your blog!

Saucy said...

Oh.... I have an unused cloche... and a bird like that... and a little plant... see you later... heh heh!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

You always find the best blogs...I have met some wonderful ones...thanks to you! Missed ya and now Im glad your back in action~

Misty said...

Ok....Seriously...So I am just picking out pics of my master bedroom reveal to post when I notice I have new comments! I read one and it says they found me from JUST A GIRL!!! What?!?!?! I am featured!?! I am super excited and want to thank you sooooo much! I have stalked and followed your blog for the longest time and never dreamed I would be on here! Give me a few minutes and I will have another room for you to look at!

By the way... the door in the background looked great after I FINISHED it and took the tape off! LOL

Just say Julie said...

Love seeing you features. I was so inspired by one of the kitchen's you showed that I had to try it. Now I'm running out of time before school starts, but I may have to try a few more projects!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

This is great Chris! It is supposed to be a rainy, stormy day here - perfect for reading these blogs you've featured {and then some!}.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love V and Co. She is awesome on the sewing machine!! Can't wait to look at the others. Thanks for doing this.

Betsy said...

I adore V&Co. She is seriously amazing. Love her house and home. Gorgeous.

Jaime said...

Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas you always share!

Candelabras said...

Excellent information - thank you. I will definitely recommend your site to my clients. Most people don't know how important the things that you highlighted are.

Thanks for helping spread the good word!

Carmen said...

Like everyone else has said, I love that you do this too. I love checking out new blogs I haven't seen before or just going back and taking a second look at fun, creative blogs. Your dog makes me laugh! ;)

Richella said...

You've done it again! You are so blog-savvy. You find the best places, honestly. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Have a great weekend!

Finding Home said...

I love feature Friday! I can't wait to go see these features! Gosh that dog house is amazing!!

Lil' Woman said...

I want that doghouse!!! :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Great post. Loved the dog house and the chair with the nailhead detail. Have a great weekend.

Red House Happenings said...

You're so sweet. I didn't even know I was featured on your blog. It's an absolute HONOR!!!!!!Thanks for your kind comments. Dianne

sodizzymomof 5 said...

I enjoyed stopping by your blog!

Sandy Toes said...

What wonderful stuff!!!

Amazingly talented bloggers!
sandy toe

Pink Stitches said...

WoW - there are some talented people out there! Thanks for the links, it is great to see others ideas and get a load more inspiration!!
And what a dog house!!

Twice Remembered said...

I, too, just recently discovered Dianne and her talent! Inspiring!

Love that cloche and your blog!!

TidyMom said...

Thanks for doing this! I love finding new blogs and ideas!!

Speaking of ideas, I ordered vinyl house numbers and I'm planning on painting my front door and adding the numbers (I can't do a black door though, wish I could) As soon as I finish my office make over, I'll start on the front door (should be MUCH easier than painting my office and desk! LOL)


kuhlchikk said...

hello!!!! I love your blog!! You have so great ideas! And dont be so sure, we live in a time where genetic is a big theme! Maybe tomorrow we will see the first pig fly!
big hugs!!

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