Monday, November 29, 2010

Silhouette Cyber Monday Deal!

In the spirit of anticipation, the lucky winner will be announced at this post! For those of you who don’t win, here’s your Cyber Monday Deal! Just click on one of the ads below and enter the special code “jagirl” when you place your order.

                                      Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool                                                         

  • Click on any of the Silhouette ads in this post
  • Enter code jagirl
  • Wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree from “Santa”
Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

From now until midnight, you can get a Silhouette machine for $199!! That’s a savings of $100! And it doesn’t stop there. Of course it doesn’t. You will also receive--

1 Roll of Cream vinyl ( $7.99)
1 Roll of transfer paper ( $7.99)
1 Home decor CD (Value $55) 

Total ($70.98)

All for ONLY $199!!


Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

That's almost $200 dollar in savings! Keep in mind this is the newest version of the Silhouette. They are now available to Mac users. Awwwww yeeeeeeeah!


Okay. Are you ready for the winner? The lucky Silhouette owner is……..

Tara (who crossed her fingers AND toes!) at Just Devine Style

Just devine Style

Congratulations, Tara! Send me an e-mail, and we’ll get you set up!


Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

Are you STINKIN Kidding me!!! I totally couldn't sleep and got up to do laundry at 1:48am and by chance got online and what do I see in my Reader???? I won!!! I can now uncross my toes man they are cramped!!! Thank you soooo MUCH!!! total adrenaline rush don't think I will be getting any sleep tonight!!!!

Birdie3008 said...

Glad to know I wasn't the only one losing sleep over this! LOL Congratulations Tara. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Tara!

How do i get the special deal? Do i have to add all of those items to the cart and then enter the discount code? I do not see a direct link for the special w/the machine and extra goodies ~Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Nevermind - i got it! :)

You just add the machine to your cart and put in the code and all the goodies will pop up in your bag.

Thank you!! ~Cheryl

KJ said...

I crossed my fingers but forgot my toes!! Next time, next time.. Congrats, Tara, you're one lucky lady =)

Lindy said...

I love your wintry white mantel! It is so beautiful! The wreath is awesome!

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