Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Ikea Virtual Shopping Trip

If you’re like me and are obsessed with shopping (and I know some of you are), you’ll enjoy this little Ikea shopping trip I’m taking you on! I came away with some awesome finds, and I left regretting some “why didn’t I just buy it” purchases. I’ll show you both!

First up? Some gallery rooms. If you’ve ever been to Ikea, you know this is where the magic happens. The inspiration and the sheer “Ikea makes that?” response is just too fun!

Ikea kitchen

No husband? No kids? No dog? This would totally be my room. Throw a couple of colorful pillows in there, and I would move right in. 

Ikea living room

My goal for this trip was to revamp my craft room. Needless to say, this room served as some fun inspiration. LOVE that craft desk, but it came out to be a little more than I wanted to spend.

Ikea craft room

I was drooling over this backsplash. And the farmhouse sink. Oh, and the in-cabinet lighting.    

Ikea kitchen

My little point-and-shoot doesn’t do these rooms justice, but I loved the lighting in them. Layers of lighting…loved it.

Ikea bedroom

Right now, why don’t we take a little lunch break? I’ll have the Swedish meatballs, please. Had it been appropriate, I would have licked my plate. That. good. Notice my partner in crime’s chocolate cake? Yummo!

Ikea meatballs

Ok, ok. What’d I get? Well, I’ll tell ya what I didn’t get! These bad boys. What was I thinking? One piece of advice for you. If you ever go to Ikea, get frames. I don’t care if you don’t think you need them. Just get them.

Ikea frames

Hello, McFly! I’m loving this gallery wall, and it would be so easy to do—IF I had bought the frames. Grr.

Ikea gallery wall

#1 on my list was to get a new sleek dresser for my craft room. Enter the Malm. I had planned on paying $179 and it was on sale for $99! Yahoony! Look at BFF’s smile. That quickly subsided when she had to help me load the boxes into the cart.

Ikea malm

I also didn’t get this. I wanted it sooo badly (in white), but it didn’t fit my measurements. BFF was supposed to buy it, but she said “next time”. I hate that saying.

shoe storage

Well, BFF redeemed herself when she bought all this! (I know—the frames) She’s gonna do a little mudroom decorating soon, and these were just the pieces she needed. Can’t wait to show you.

white frames

Obviously, I walked out of there with a pretty good stash, but I didn’t take pictures of it. Weird. I’ll show you my favorite find tomorrow for SAS Day! It was the very last store of the day, and I just kind of stumbled on it. Isn’t that the best? See you tomorrow??


Holly said...

Ikea is so fun. I just posted about my trip there with my daughter. IKEA is the only store where I never regret buying something, only things I don't. Can't beat the prices.

Ashleigh said...

We are heading there, for the first time, in June and I cannot flipping wait! Those pictures made my heart speed up. So lovely.

Jodi said...

You haven't discovered yet have you? If not, head over there...most of what you want and didn't get, she has FREE plans for you to build yourself, and since we all know how handy you are, these projects would be no problem for you.

Here's the show organizer/holder:

Here's one of her craft tables:

Check her out! She's amazing!!!!!

Lorie said...

I can't believe you didn't get the frames! You could have bought $80 worth of frames and walked out of there spending as much money as you thought you were going to spend on the dresser! ;D

I have never had their chocolate cake. Is it good?

Jenny said...

I just went to Ikea a few weeks ago and score some serious loot! Frames included. ;-)

Kristen said...

Having one 10 minutes from me I've become IKEA jaded. Your excitement over this

Mmmmm chocolate cake!

Barbie said...

Love IKEA! I am taking a girls road trip in a couple of weeks to the one in Utah. Can. not. wait.

Amanda said...

I just love Ikea, it's like Santa's Grotto for grown ups! Your right about those frames, will definitely be picking some up when I next make the trip there!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the pics. I too love Ikea. Living 5 hours away doesn't help my obsession.

Paula said...

I need to make an IKEA run soon, I just saw some art that I want to try and duplicate on my own ... its bad when you pass an IKEA twice a day on the way to work. My sister used to work next door to it. Awful, I tell you, Awful!

Anonymous said...

I have that Domsjo double sink in our new kitchen.

My daughter has that white metal frame bed.


Jocelyn said...

I hate going to Ikea cuz I just want to buy EVERYTHING! :)

Besides I have to buy a ton of their chocolate when I go and my stomach hates me after that!

Playing It Cooley

Huchette Crew said...

I get the exact thing to eat when I go too. YUMMY

Jenny said...

Love IKEA and their frames are the best! Glad you had a fun day. ;-)

Cailan said...

I LOVE getting some snippets from your shopping trip. I've Never been to an IKEA, but next fall one is coming to Denver and I know it will change my life. :) Look forward to seeing more of what you came away with! (And I HATE shopping regrets ... I guess, you'll just have to go again ;)

Simply Sara said...

I love the way you arranged the frames in the last pic....great idea!!

Janet said...

Were you at IKEA Canton? I took a picture of that same pink wall over the bed with all the frames! LOL!

Meg said...

Looks like you guys banked! Loving it. I am going tomorrow, I might be helping myself to some frames...we'll see!

Jen @ The Decor Scene said...

I LOVE Ikea!!!! We are making over our Laundry Room and we are using a lot of stuff from Ikea. We have lots of stuff from Ikea all around the house. Love it!!! I love their Swedish Meatballs and Mac & Cheese with their Lingonberry juice. Thanks for sharing! I love going their for inspiration. We are 20 mins from one, so I can go whenever I want. :)

Last Minute Mel said...

love the ikea inspiration..great post :)

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