Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Des haricots froids sur du pain tout ramolli?

To stick with today's French theme, I went to a list of conversation excerpts on a website and randomly chose one. Apparently, the title translates to "Cold baked beans on soggy bread?". I typed in the word beautiful, and that is what I got. I should have known from the word froids that something wasn't right. Typical.

Poor translating aside, what is it about all things French that seem...so...elegant? I chose to decorate my children's bathroom in French decor. I know that many people like to go with the frogs,bubbles, etc. decor for kids, but it just isn't my thing. Until we finish our other bathroom in the basement, this also serves as our guest bath when we have out of town guests.

Because bathrooms are always fun to change, I left the color palette neutral. Plus, knowing that I would go French at first meant a lot of black. Neutral tends to help that "pop".

Something else I realized in this photo shoot is that I don't think I like my camera. I had a heck of a time getting the shot to turn out right or for it to focus. The pros in the blog world can make these close-ups look like a piece of art. Mine, however....

After seeing those, any recommendations for a new camera? I would say good-bye in French, but I imagine I'd end up saying something about a goldfish being in my pants. So...see you later!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

je ne sais quoi

I think I just said I don't know what. That about sums it up, wish I could elaborate in French but I am pretty limited there. LOL.

But I do love your french decor. So much more than the usual duckie decor. Your kids will grow up with style! Good job mom. This room is je ne sais quoi, tres chic pour les enfants. Tres bien!

Ok, I better sign off before I say something embarrassing!

Happy night,

Marie said...

I love all the french decor! So pretty! I want to do my daughters room "frenchy frenchy" but I'm getting a slow start. To say the least! FTR, I've never done a bubbles or frog bathroom either. I just couldn't do it! lol

Au revoir!

Shannon said...

I love this Paris themed room! Looks great! I always love white and black together.

Linda said...

Can't help with the photography but I love the way you have decorated the kids bathroom.

Charmingdesigns said...

Thats so funny (goldfish in your pants)Why are we so obsessed with the French decor?! Do they laugh at our interpretation?? Never having been there, I love the look and you have captured it well!! I love it, and have a bit going on. Laurie

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