Sunday, May 25, 2008

Counting the days

Sorry I've been away. My computer time lately has been spent looking at this:

School's almost out, and we want to go on a vacation. The options were the mountains of Colorado or the beaches of Siesta Key. The kids chose the beach. I was a bit surprised, to be honest. We live near the great lakes, which are very much like the ocean (look into it as a vacation if you're not a fan of salt water--quite nice). I guess the kids know they love the beach, and they knew they'd have a great time.
However, two problems exist. 1. My husband is deathly afraid of sharks. My husband is the closest thing to...well...the terminator??? for lack of a better word. He is afraid of nothing. He is fearless, brave, courageous, you name it. BUT if you're a shark, you'll hear him scream like a little school girl. Scared hubby+gulf=not much relaxation for him. This will be me:
What's so funny? I totally see the resemblance. Anyway...this will be my husband:

Problem #2? This:

How does a little, last minute vacation turn into thousands of dollars? I just wanted a little condo on the beach without spending too much money. Boy, was I naive. So, does anyone have a beachfront condo in Siesta Key they wanna rent out for like $50.00? Yeah, didn't think so. I'm off to search again. Maybe we can just put up a tent...


Stephanie said...

Those pictures have me really wanting a the ocean. Gorgeous! I too, am deathly afraid of sharks. But I don't get in the ocean very much - just play in the sand ;)
If you figure out a way to take a vacation for less money, please share. I'm always amazed at how $$$ it all ends up being.
I would vote for the beach too :)

Krystyn said...

Have fun and good luck finding a cheap place!

I like the great lakes (I'm not a fan of the salt water beach myself, even the cold water), so I would vote to take a vacation to a different beach than you are used to...Traverse City, sleeping bear dunes, I don't know!

What ever you do, enjoy!

Marie said...

I WISH I had a condo in Siesta Key to offer out. Wow! It looks beautiful there! Lately I've been longing for the days when we lived in Hawaii. Cool breezes,warm beaches. Shave ice and daiquiris!

Good luck finding a vacation spot! I was considering going to MI for a few weeks this summer (my best friend and inlaws are there) but with gas prices? I may not leave my house at all!

Mommy said...


Please email me when you receive this comment unless you have already heard from me. Email problems.

Barbara said...

your vacation spot looks too good to be true. I think that woman looks just like you.....good luck finding your dream spot cheap. Just the gas money to drive there will break the bank. Don't worry about a thing, you'll all have a great time. Wish I were taging along.

Kris said...

I don't even drive downtown anymore without worrying about money, a vacation thought would make me crazy. It's so expensive, but look at the great memories you'll make together as a family. (Ok, really, just think of the great tan you'll get, that alone is worth it!)

blessedme said...

You are a woman after my own heart! I've read through your blog and just have to say I'm feeling a kindred spirit is out there! Love the pics. My hubby is also afraid of the water and we live 20 minutes from the beach. Though he puts on a brave front and goes with us all summer long.

Karol said...


Hey there. I saw your link to me. Thank you. I live on the Gulf Coast and if you will email me I can try to help you find a reasonable place around here. It is so family oriented where I live. It is a definite vacation spot, but not "tourist-y". I hope I can help you out somehow.

Karol :0)
Home Sweet Home Inspiration

Kimba said...

So have you found a place yet? I've been to Siesta Key and it's wonderful! Not cheap, though.

Amy Jo said...

Just stumbled on your blog and am enjoying it. I live by the Great Lakes as well, but for some reason - it's not quite like the big Ocean!! Hope you find somewhere to vacation - I love a good vacation!! Good Luck!

chriskauf said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, it is so nice to hear from people out there, here , whatever, sometimes it feels like I am talking to myself.
I hope you have a great vacation, looks fun, I need one of those , I love the idea of suprising the kiddies.
Also love your living room makeover , great wall color , so cozy , I love it .
Oh yes all men must nap in that way on sofas, fo sure.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

This was so funny!

We were actually just talking about shark attacks at dinner (lively dinner conversation, non?). Very scary indeed, but if you look that good on the beach I'd say it is worth the risk. I'd flaunt it, girl!

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