Tuesday, May 20, 2008

You say you're taking the kids?

My husband took the kids to a baseball game (can you guess which one?--see the bat post), so I was given the night off to do what else? Spend money! Man, work has been stressful lately, my husband's been gone every day, and if I have to discipline my nemesis one more time, I think I might strangle him. Nothing like a little "retail therapy" to make all that go away!

Our Wal-Mart turned into a "Super Wal-mart" this weekend, so of course I had to stop in and say hello. Their clothes may not hold up the greatest, but hello?? $3.50 for a shirt? You just can't go wrong--especially for summer clothes. I don't know who I'm going to offend by saying this, but I have a really hard time with all the kids' clothes today that have sarcastic sayings on them. It p**sses (sorry, probably just offended again) me off to see a little girl's shirt that says, "I like it, you buy it--any questions?" on it. And, of course, don't get me started on all the sarcastic comments about school. Are you encouraging your kids not to like school?? Come on, people. Oops...went too far. Sorry.
Anyway, I prefer the peace, love, "I'm still a little girl who respects adults" kind. That whole group above only had one thing that was over $5.00. Niiiiiice. Don't worry...the boy didn't miss out. He, of course, won't care about these clothes because they don't have skulls, skateboards, or some cool design on them. Mom, however, loves them. I'm a big fan of Ralph Lauren clothing. It holds up VERY well on my ever-energetic son. Even the most active kid needs some "nice" clothes for open houses and such, right?
That brings us to ME! We've lived in this house for over 4 years, and I've never had a lamp in my family room. My best friend (if he actually read this blog) would be shocked! He's been telling me to buy one for years, but I always figured the recessed lighting did the deed. Woops. Was I ever wrong. It was still pretty light in these pictures, but it's darker now. I LOVE the lamp. What's even better is that I got it for $17.00! What's EVEN better is that I don't have to do anything to it!!! No painting, no re-covering the shade, nothing! Woo-hoo!! I simply have to find new nic-nacs to surround it with. Hmmm...
And finally (right now you're thinking "good god, when will it end?") my grand finale. I found this sign at TJMaxx for $10.00. Well, it was actually much cheaper than that. It was technically only $9.99. I don't know if you can tell, but it's a slight shade of blue and chocolate brown which is what my den is decorated in. I had the perfect spot for it. Fits right in, don't 'cha think? Well, there. I'm done. Sorry about the long post. I have no kids tonight, remember? LOTS of time on my hands.


Caren said...

I love the lamp too! I have no lighting at all in my living room and consequently, we never use it...we've only been here a few months though, not four years. ;)

I completely agree with you about the rude sayings on kids' clothing. I would never put my child in anything like that. The worst he's ever worn was "My grandparents don't spoil me, they're just very accommodating". That was at least kind of cute.

I also really love the sign you got, I'll have to check out TJ Maxx for home stuff, I didn't even realize they had that kind of stuff, I've never been in a TJM!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm working on some decorating stuff so I hope to have more pictures of the "country" house posted soon.

Sorry for my rambling comment, The Husband and I just enjoyed some wine with our American Idol! Go David Cook! (although I don't think he'll win) Good night!

The Gerster Family said...

THANK YOU for your comment on my post today. It has been refreshing to hear other "horror" stories today in order to encourage me on this little adventure called life. I appreciate you stopping by...hope you do so more often.

I loved your post. So exciting that you were able to go shopping! FU-UN! The lamp is gorgeous, by the way, and I'm a HUGE fan of the "live, laugh, love" signs that are everywhere. I know I have atleast 3 myself on just my main floor. Have a wonderful rest of your evening "off"

Marie said...

First...LOVE the lamp! Wherever did you find it?

I TOTALLY agree with the smart-mouth sayings on some kids clothes! My daughter begged me to buy her one with something very similar to the one you described. I don't *think* so! I'll buy her that Bobby Jack line... the monkey is cute. But only so long as he's not being a smart alek! Looks like you found some GREAT stuff! LOVE the sign and where you hung it. CUTE!

Jo said...

Hi. New blog reader here. I love your lamp. I need to put one in my living room too. I also love your big windows and huge lawn, and gorgeous fireplace ;-) Your new sign is so pretty!

I too have been shocked by some of the things on kid's clothes, as well as some of the things in kids movies (like The Cat in the Hat). At least I don't yet have to deal with the rude sayings on infant clothes.

Stephanie said...

I am loving that lamp! I'm needing one similar to it for my new tables too. Still looking... Cute post!

Little Sweethearts said...


I found your blog through the comment you left on Erin's blog (the Gerster Family).

I agree with you on the children's clothing that have rude sayings on them. I don't like them either. Now they even put the Playboy bunny on child sized clothing. Though the bunny itself is of course cute, I wouldn't like my daughter to wear any such clothes.

Love the lamp!


Stephanie said...

I definitely agree about the kids clothing sayings! I don't have children (yet) but when I do, I will never buy them shirts like that. Forget encouraging children with stuff like that, I hate it on me! I have never been able to (or wanted to) wear shirts with stupid or crude sayings on them.

Kim said...

I LOVE the sign from TJ Maxx. That is my favorite store of all time. The Polo boys clothes are too cute!

Kris said...

That lamp is gorgeous - looks so nice in the room too!

I am with you on the kids sayings on shirts. I really won't buy anything with sayings or characters on them. I have made a few exceptions (each boy got ONE Cars shirt to wear till it wears out) and I'm all for pj's with whatever if they like them. But anything else just looks white trash and tacky to me! Now excuse me while I pack the kids in the car to head over to our new Wal-Mart's grand opening. lWhoo-hoooo! Talk about trashy - I'll bet there will be 100 people in line for a plain free hot dog!

Kimba said...

I could not agree with you more about the "sassy talk" t-shirts. The bug the stuffin' out of me.

Good job shopping! Isn't it great when we get to do it without kids attached?

And that lamp is great. Very pretty.

Shannon said...

Such a cute lamp!! Love the photo wall too with the framed name!!

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