Sunday, May 4, 2008

Norman Rockwell

Well, the weather is finally starting to break in my area. Since my in-laws were up for the weekend, we decided to do one of our favorite things and go downtown for some ice cream and a walk. Now this is no ordinary ice cream and walk, because we live here:

Whenever our friends and family come to visit, they tease us that we live in a Norman Rockwell picture. Families are walking around everywhere, children are playing with rocks in the river, a live band is playing for dozens in the park, and of course, the water can be heard in the background. Every little quaint shop you can imagine exists here, and we can't get over how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful town.

My daughter decided to sit with some friends we ran into while she listened to a local band play some Johnny Cash--one of our favorites! Is it weird that she knows the words to "Ring of Fire"?

This yellow house is one of my favorites. It sits up on the hill looking over the river and the hustle and bustle of the town below. I would have myself a huge porch with some big ole' comfy seating and just watch people (and that river!) for hours! It's probably best that it's not my house because I wouldn't get anything done. I'd just sit.

How lucky are we that we get to send our packages out at this post office?

I walk in with my packages at the holidays, stand in line with people I know, the teller addresses me by name...ahhhh bliss. P.S. That's my father-in-law babysitting my nemesis. Cute pose, eh?
Am I bragging about this town? You bet. It's a small town with very big ideas, and it deserves to be bragged about. Just wait for the seasonal changes--I'll have even more bragging to do. Wanna stop by and visit?


Kimba said...

Hi! I've seen a few of your comments over at Nester's so I thought I'd pop over. It's nice to see other relatively new bloggers.

And I've always dreamed of living in a town just like yours. Somewhere that you can walk places and know most of the faces that you see. I'm definitely jealous.

Love your blog. I'll be back.

Carrie said...

I love your town I love living in a small town (well most of the time). Your living room turned out great!

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